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Cybersecurity: Protection you can’t go without?

With the increased pace of technology, increasingly businesses are connecting their systems, processes and storing critical data online. However, with more and more businesses relying on their online presence to run the critical functions of their business, their vulnerability has increased with respect to cyber-crime. Over the 2020-2021 financial year, the ACSC received over 67,500 cyber-crime reports, an increase of 13% from the previous year. This increase is not only significant, but a part of a wider global trend for cyber-criminals who seek to take advantage of businesses increasing their online presence.
Cyber Security put simply, encompasses the systems, processes and technologies which are deployed to provide protection from cyber-attacks. It can prevent enormous business loss – through sophisticated ransomware or phishing scams and can work to protect against the possible threat of financial, reputational or business continuity loss. Cyber-Security provides digital protection for your business, helps keep your technology working if a virus was to attack and can help to inspire greater customer confidence, that their data is being protected and respected.

Why does my business need Cyber-Security?

Unfortunately, it’s really a case of when you might experience a cyber-attack, rather than if. Could your business continue to survive or thrive with a lengthy shut down? A customer breach of data which leads to regulatory action? A phishing scam which allows cyber-criminals to access all your data without authorisation? The challenge is, with increasingly sophisticated ways of penetrating into businesses, there are often multiple easy entry methods into your business for cyber-criminals. It’s these weak points which when exposed, can create devasting outcomes, without the additional layer of protection of strong cyber-security.

At Corp IT, we stay across all the latest technologies, resources and solutions to help you protect your business. The best type of IT security will take into account your business as a whole, coupled with your goals, to create a comprehensive cyber-security strategy tailored specifically to your business. This in turn creates a layer of protection not available with ‘out of the box’ type solutions. A great cyber-security solution should enable leaders and IT teams to concentrate on what they do best – driving their business, rather than worrying about possible data breaches, or being kept awake at night trying to assess how best to approach a cyber strategy.

The global trend of increased online presence shows no signs of slowing, and as this momentum continues to build, profitable businesses must not just keep pace, but outpace potential cyber-criminals.

The question remains – can you afford not to consider your cyber-security protection?

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