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Over the past few years, Corp IT have become entrenched in our business and are so closely aligned with us, that we see them as an internal stakeholder. We currently work with Corp IT on an SLA and on a strategic project basis. Whilst IT can sometimes be the last priority for many businesses, Corp IT has helped us realise how instrumental a strong IT partner is, towards business growth.
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Our business has gone through significant growth and it’s critical that we have a partner who can come on our growth journey with us. In 2021, we doubled the size of our business to more than 700 people and were so thankful for Corp IT’s forward thinking, which meant we were already a cloud-based business, enabling us to rapidly scale and adjust. Our relationship with Corp IT is exceptionally strong and it’s always professional, we always have a laugh and talk with transparency and honesty. We appreciate the fact that no matter what challenge we put to Corp IT, they’ll always find the right solution for our business – ensuring that we can focus on growing our business. I’d recommend Corp IT to anyone looking for a talented strategic IT partner.

All About AI

Generative AI, also known as GenAI, is a rapidly developing field of artificial intelligence that focuses on creating models capable of generating new content, such

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